The SET game is a puzzle that uses cards which have 4 features on them: colors, shapes, shadings and the number of shapes.

■ The color can be: red, yellow or blue
■ The shape can be: circle, square or triangle
■ The shading can be: solid, half-filled or outlined
■ The number of shapes on each card can be: 1, 2 or 3

A SET consists of 3 cards in which each individual feature is either all the same on each card or all different on each card. More specifically, a set consists of 3 cards which satisfy all of these conditions:

■ They all have the same number, or they have three different numbers.
■ They all have the same symbol, or they have three different symbols.
■ They all have the same shading, or they have three different shadings.
■ They all have the same color, or they have three different colors.

In other words, if you can sort a group of three cards into "Two of ____ and one of _____" then it is not a set.


Using help
If you need a little help, press the HINT button, and a single correct card will be revealed. If you are really stuck, press SET, and a 3-card set will be highlighted for you. Just select it and continue.

■  Mobile: Shake the device
■  Desktop: click anywhere on the sides of the screen

Starting a new game
Press the reload button located on the top left of the screen.